International Symposium RA08
Rare Attractors and Rare Phenomena in
Nonlinear Dynamics
September 8 – 12, 2008, Rīga – Jūrmala, Latvia

General Information

The RA08 Symposium is aimed at bringing together a wide variety of specialists in the different science fields with the purpose to exchange experience in the global aspects of Nonlinear Dynamics and the theory of rare dangerous or useful dynamical phenomena.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to

  • Rare Phenomena in Nonlinear Engineering Systems and Vibromechanics
  • Rare Regular, Quasi-periodic and Chaotic Attractors in Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Bifurcation Techniques and Stability Analysis of Strongly Nonlinear Systems
  • Nonlinear Rotor Dynamics. Rare Attractors and Rare Transient Processes
  • Vibro-Impact Systems and Dynamical Systems with Discontinuities
  • Synchronization Problems and Rare Attractors. Multiplicity and Control
  • Complexity and Rare Phenomena in Nano-Science and Molecular Dynamics
  • Rare Dynamical Phenomena in Earth and Celestial Mechanics
  • Rare Phenomena in Nature, Economics, Social and History Sciences
  • Dynamical and Rare Dangerous Diseases. Rare Phenomena in Medicine and Biology
  • Paradoxes, Riddles and Unsolved Mysteries of Nonlinear Dynamics and Stability
  • The Theory of Rare Dynamics Phenomena: Myth, Unreal Dream or Reality?

Format of the RA08 include invited key-note lectures, 25 min. presentations and poster sessions. Extended abstracts up to 4 pages will be printed in the Book of Abstracts and will be available before the Symposium. All successfully reviewed papers up to 12 pages will be printed in the special issue of Journal of Vibroengineering (referred: ISI (Thomson Scientific Master Journal List); INSPEC; EBSCO; VINITI) after the Symposium in 2008. The best presentations of the young scientists will be awarded.

Last updated: 14.06.2008

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